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Improving the ergonomics of dairy cows for almost 20 years!

Cowhouse International is a Dutch multinational company that specializes in high performing products for housing dairy cows. It was founded in 2000 and has developed into one of the most innovative companies of the dairy industry in Europe.

Cowhouse International has positive relationships with universities and other research institutes in the field of animal welfare. In this way we are able to maintain our leading position in the sector. Export is an important pillar of the company, 65% of the barn equipment is exported annually to other countries.

Our products aim to optimize the health and living conditions of dairy cows which will strongly improve the milk production on a natural basis. Cows will live longer resulting in more lactations and a higher profit!

Learning to understand cows better ...

Free nature serves Cowhouse International as an example to make structural improvements to the living and working environment of the cow. Although a cow nowadays has no natural enemies anymore, her average life expectancy is only 4 years. In terms of her genetic predisposition, however, she can be 5 times as old!

By imitating a habitat that is as natural as possible, we expect that cows on average last longer. This doubles the profit contribution of your cows, assuming that the animals reach the break-even point halfway through the second lactation period. In other words: by optimizing the quality of life, you achieve a higher return per cow, more milk and more calves with better health.

The Cowhouse products have also been developed in such a way that they meet this ideal image. By means of sophisticated techniques and concepts on which you can read more on this site, Cowhouse delivers and installs everything in the field of modern barn equipment. That's why we say at Cowhouse: "Care for Cows".

More information can be found on www.cowhouse.nl 


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