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The Dutch Mountain is a revolutionary new cowmattress. Cows are lying relaxed at high altitude on a soft and resilient surface. The mattress is developed to adapt to the cow's body and follows all the movements she makes. Cows will feel comfortable and save.

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Cow laying on the Dutch Mountain mattress

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Developed for the cow and the farmer

A comfortable cowbed is essential for healthy and good performing of dairy cows. The Dutch Mountain surpasses all others in softness, resilience and traction and opens therefore a new era of housing dairy cows.

Polypropylene 3D topcover
Elastic and breathing
Waterproof sealing
Made of 1 mm rubber
Milik foam

The base of the Dutch Mountain with a thickness of 14 cm sloping down to 10 cm
Waterproof sealing
Made of 1 mm rubber
  • Unsurpassed traction

    The mattress is made of a special elastic foam developed by Cowhouse International after many years of testing. Through its exceptional thickness the hoofs of a cow can go deeply into the foam. This will offer her perfect traction when standing up.

  • Optimal comfort for cows

    Because of the exceptional softness of the Dutch Mountain a cow will not have any pain when lying down. Through the elastic and resilient foam she will not feel any pressure on joints, blood vessels or neural pathways. Cows will lie down faster and longer, resulting into higher milkproduction, better hoof health and less stress.

  • Soft to touch and breathable topcover

    The Dutch Mountain has a strong and elastic topcover which matches perfect with every movement of the mattress. Made of anti-bacteriological 3D polypropylene it is soft to touch and breathable. It will contribute to less hairless and dead skin on the joints of a cow. 

  • Easy to clean

    The Dutch Mountain is easy to clean as it has a seamless topcover whilst it is sloping down from 14 cm at the front till 10 cm at the back.

What makes the Dutch Mountain so special?

The Dutch Mountain cowmattress stands out through an exceptional softness formed in a mattress with a thickness of 14 centimetre at the front sloping down to 10 cm at the back. A cow will enjoy ultimate comfort and lie down longer. This will result into a higher milkproduction and better health.

Base Foam Schokabsorbing Topcover Top Mattress Rubber Mat Protection Poly Pillow Brisket board 14cm
  • Developed by specialists

    The Dutch Mountain has been developed in cooperation with leading dairy farmers. It was tested on several farms along with other types of mattresses. On all the test farms cows showed a 100% preference for the Dutch Mountains.

  • Ultimate comfort through exceptional height

    The Dutch Mountain has an exceptional height of 14 cm at the front sloping down to 10 cm at the back. The softness of the mattress offers an incredible comfort for the cows resulting into longer resting times.

  • Resilient and shockabsorbing

    De Dutch Mountain is made of a special developed soft elastic foam. It feels for a cow like a resilient substance following each movement of her body when she is lying down.

  • No more pressure points and a perfect traction

    Because of the height of the Dutch Mountain, the hoofs of a cow can sink deeply away in the foam. There is no risk she will ever feel the concrete floor. She will have no more pressure-points when lying down and experience a perfect traction when standing up.

Successful test at German DLG!

The Dutch Mountain has been extensively tested at the DLG Testcenter in Germany. It was tested on durability and deformation. According to DLG-experts it was the first time that such a soft mattress performed so well.

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Customer experiences

  • Frank Venema – Suwâld

    Frank Venema

    What surprised me was that cows with hoofproblems did their utmost to conquer a spot on the Dutch Mountains after leaving the milking parlour. It looks they feel no pain anymore when they lie down.

    Frank Venema Suwâld
  • Albert Folkertsma – Donkerbroek

    Albert Folkertsma

    In our existing barn we replaced a few old mattresses for Dutch Mountains. It is remarkable that these stalls are occupied all the time regardless of whether I enter the barn during the day or at night.

    Albert Folkertsma Donkerbroek

Developed by Cowhouse International

The Dutch Mountain cowmattress is the result of 20 years of experience in housing dairy cows. In cooperation with leading dairy farmers Cowhouse has developed this new mattress which will bring the wellbeing of dairy cows to a higher level. Cowhouse is always aiming for improvements of the indoor environment of dairy cows.

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Below you will find answers on some frequently asked questions. Please call us in case your question is not listed.

  • The Dutch Mountain is 180 cm long and available in three different widths. If desired, the Dutch Mountain can be made to measure for you.

  • The Dutch Mountain is easy to install. The installation can be carried out by our own installation team. After the Dutch Mountain has been taken into use, the top cover must be tightened once more for two months.

  • Due to the increase in the number of lying hours, it is obvious that milk production will increase. We also expect that claw conditions will recover faster. In practice, cows with claw disorders have been found to lie down faster and longer on the Dutch Mountain, making the healing process faster.

    Due to the softness of the mattress in combination with the air permeable top cover, the chance of bare heels is expected to be minimal.

  • The Dutch Mountain has been developed from the needs of the cow. Although in recent years much has improved in the dimensions of the cubicle, we saw that in terms of comfort of the mattress, an improvement could be made so that cows would lie even faster. Thereby is a better grip when standing up without unnecessary loading of the rear claw is also included as an important aspect in the development of the Dutch Mountain

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